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Plans to build a new Don & Bob’s

Plans to build a new Don & Bob’s

The seasonal aspect of Sea Breeze left Don with some idle time. And then New York State built Route 47 (Now 1-590) which took away a large portion of his parking lot. Don and Ann, along with their two sons, Don Jr. and Bob (of course!) were now living in the beautiful suburb of Brighton. Don loved the area, and after purchasing a farm house on what was then a rural stretch of Monroe Avenue, made plans to build a new Don & Bob’s there, expanding his core business down at Sea Breeze. This would be a larger showcase restaurant that would be open year-round. Don had some opposition with neighboring properties and town codes, but he persevered, and in 1953, he opened what was to become the number one fast-food eating emporium in the Rochester area. The facility was heralded by the restaurant industry as ultra-modern. The equipment was state-of-the-art and the menu was extensive. Don was extremely loyal to his employees: Mel Lame, Cliff Lawson, Roger Varela and Nello Nucelli were diligent in their efforts to provide customers with three primary ingredients; quality food, expeditious service and an immaculate atmosphere. With Don’s brother, Joe, at the helm at Sea Breeze, the organization was firmly rooted.