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Don’s standards were ahead of his time

Don’s standards were ahead of his time

Bob Berl soon returned to his Zweigles business, but Don and his wife, Ann, proceeded to set the pace at Sea Breeze. Don was an innovator, and his refreshment stand not only set the trend at Sea Breeze, but for an entire industry that would come to emulate many of his ideas. Don’s standards were ahead of his time. He was the first to remove the hot dogs from a sweaty cook’s arm and place them on paper plates. Messy self-serve condiments were put behind the serving counter and kept impeccably clean. He bleached the floors and polished the cooking equipment. The typical fare of hot dogs and ice cream was not enough for Don. He single-handedly developed the “ground round steak sandwich” which became his signature menu item. He traveled to Canada to learn about making french fries and was the first one to put them on his menu. His great service, quality food, and immaculate atmosphere made heads turn, and the smart patrons took notice of his dedication. The crowds were heading to Don & Bob’s for the preferred reputation.